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Invader Zim- A Game or a Life--Part 3
Dib and Zim arrived to the office, breathing heavily and panting loudly. The secretary removed their hall passes and shut them off, before directing Zim and Dib to the principal's office. They both walked slowly to the office. They were both there during elections and saw what happened to Willy. While neither of ten would admit it, they were scared for their lives knowing what the principal could do to them.
They hesitantly entered the principals office, Zim being sure to push Dib into the office before him. Dib looked back at Zim angrily, then they both set their gaze on a dark, shadowed figure sitting behind a desk.
"Sit." The two obeyed without any hesitation. The principal continued once they sat. "You two have had many issues in class, haven't you?" Dib understood this question. It was one a guidance counselor would ask.
"Shouldn't we go to the counselor's office for this?"
"No. Now answer my question."
Dib looked over at Zim who was mortified Dib asked that. He was sure the princ
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Invader Zim- A Game or a Life--Part 2
Dib heard the sound of laughter. Not a roaring crowd of kids laughing at his pain, thankfully. He wasn't exactly happy to see what it really was though. He lifted his head to see Zim standing over him. His zipper-like teeth zipped open and closed as laughs escaped his mouth.
Dib looked down again, and grunted as he placed his hand on his own knee and pushed against it to help himself stand, and steadied his body.
"Just how I planned it!" Zim's cackling ceased as he spoke loudly to Dib. He obviously made no attempt to quiet himself. He didn't seem to mind if people heard him.
"Planned? What do you mean?" Dib threw his arms out, using the motion to express his confusion. "My sister's going to KILL me! You couldn't have planned THAT!"
"Oh but I did, Dib-beast. For you see I HYPNOTIZED your sister with... Uh..." Zim thought for a second, trying to decide what to say. "Uh... Hypnotized her... Wiiiiith..."
"Uh huh, that's great, Zim. You're a terrible liar. The only thing she can be hypnotiz
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Invader Zim- A Game or a Life--Part 1
The bell rang. Children darted outside noisily, happily. Among the crowd of cheerful children screaming for their, somewhat short, break, were two students. One male, one female, both of which walked calmly behind the crowd, but stuck close to each other. The male was obviously a little bit older, by approximately two years.
A few of their physical features made it apparent they were siblings. Same nose, very alike eyes, and both had spiked hair of sorts. While they both had eyes of a light hazel, the girl's were far brighter, and filled with much more emotion. Her eyes were stunning, though she rarely showed them. Her eyes were always fixated on something below her eye-level. A video game, a book, or even just her skull necklace dangling loosely below her neck.
This time, they were staring at a small screen. Her thumbs pounded at the buttons, as she frantically tried to beat her new high score, developed only the night before. As her thumbs kept rhythm with the game, her brother was t
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Harlequinn Days Part 3
Harley walked down the dark allyway that led from their hideout, to the sidewalk with her hyenas giggling at her side.
"How am I gonna be able to live without 'im?" She sighed, and looked back at the door, then to her hyenas. "Ya think he'll forgive me?" She looked down and smiled to her giggling hyenas. "I don't think so neither." She turned back around and started walking around. "But where'll I go? Where am I gonna stay? What'll I do?" She stood still, thinking for a bit. After a few seconds, her face brightened up and she snapped her fingers. "IVY!"
She dressed into street clothes, and walked up to a motel. She went inside, and stood at the counter.
"S'cuse me, my friend still here?" She frowned as she saw the woman with the blonde bun behind the counter shake her head. Harley mumbled to herself. "She must be at Arkham!"
Harley ran outside the motel, with her hyenas still following her, and hitched a ride in a taxi. The hyenas followed her into the backseat of the taxi, and made gi
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Harlequinn Days Part 2
Harley walked into a fairly dark room, stepping as quietly as she could. The normally quiet clicks of the bottoms of her flat shoes sounded much louder as it echoed through the quiet room.
"P--puddin'?" She looked to the darkest corner of the room, and she could just barely make out a desk, and a dark figure sitting behind it. She stepped a few steps closer, and her hyenas ran out from the shadows, standing at her side, staring into the dark corner alongside her. The man behind the desk got up, and walked to the front of the desk, leaning against it, stretching his legs out. His shoes up to his shoulders were flooded with light, and the mans purple suit was now able to be seen. His face still remained hidden, but Harley knew that face more than she knew her own. Harley forced a smile, as she placed her hands behind her back in a way to make her appear more innocent.
"Puddin', are ya angry with me?" The mans sickening laugh sent shivers up her spine. It wasn't his normal laugh, it was h
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Harlequinn Days Part 1
She hurried down the hospital hallways, clutching her handbook tightly to her chest, and wearing a surgery mask over her mouth. Her high heels clacked loudly against the floor. She went by so quickly she barely noticed the other female doctor going the opposite direction. With a loud THUD the two ran directly into each other. As she pulled herself up, she noticed the other woman's name tag. Dr. Jessica Taylor. She smiled to the doctor.
"Good afternoon, Dr. Taylor." She bent down to pick up her handbook that she dropped when she crashed. Dr. Taylor nodded and smiled back.
"Hello. Sorry about that I'm sorry; your name escapes me at the moment."
"Oops. I'm Penny, Dr. Penny Young." Dr. Young held out her hand for a handshake. "I used to be a doctor at Arkham. It's a pleasure to meet you, Jessica."
Jessica took Dr. Young's hand and shook it. "Please, the pleasure's all mine! But I have one question. What's with the...uh..." She pointed to her mouth. "Surgery mask?"
"Oh," Dr.
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New story I'll be writing
The story is about Jason and his friends Jordyn and Eric who have saved their money all year to go to the carnival, but they have to drag Jasons younger brother, Alex, along. Jason, Jordyn, and Eric have been best friends since they were really young, and now they're 13, while Alex is 10.
They go to the carnival, and wait til' there is no line for the ride they've been anticipating all year, The Inferno. When there is finally no line, they hop on.
They were in the ride while the carnival was closing. The security guards thought that no one was in the ride, so they closed it. There was no way in, or out.
As they try to figure out a way out, they meet a girl named Maribeth in there as well.
Maribeth is only 14, but as it turns out, she is the owner of the ride. She knows every way in and out. She has a army of evil clowns to attack you if you don't do as she pleases.
Jason and the gang soon realize, that dispite their close ages, Maribeth may be what their parents have warned them about
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